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Hotel Inventory Distribution – State of Art and New Models

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Insights on the Global Hotel Distribution Industry, Distribution Trends, Key Players in each Region and Key Innovative Business Models affecting the Industry

Whitepaper Overview


The hotel distribution network is becoming more complex across multiple players. As technology and social media are growing with many disruptors coming on the scene, the hotel inventory distribution industry is changing to adapt the demand of the market: more price transparency, mobile-based platforms and real-time updated data.

The hotel industry is evolving rapidly and a lot of changes are expected to be realized in coming years. Technology and innovation are the leading factors shaping the hotel distribution market and customers preferences.  The main drivers of changing trends in how hotels distribute inventories and provide services are mainly the travellers’ behavior tendencies and the high fragmented market. Furthermore, the use of social media and mobile devices and the introduction of new technologies contributes to the evolution of the industry trends.

This whitepaper provides essential insights on the global Hotel Distribution Industry, identifying market revenue growth, distribution trends, key players in each region and key innovative business model affecting the industry.

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