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Tech Startups & Scaleups
5 ways to deadlift your growth strategies
In every startup conference, you will find a panel about startup growth challenges and secret recipes.. If we ask you to spell out a growth strategy for B2B SaaS companies starting with the letters G R O W T H,
Government & Agencies
European Technology Ecosystems – Insights, Stakeholders and Success Cases
Europe has shown to be a leading technology ecosystem in the world. We created a white paper digging into the State of European Technology Report and providing some examples of interesting stakeholders and success cases in each of the national
Investment Readiness & Fundraising
Tech Startups & Scaleups
How To Find the Right Investors For Your Startup
Every startup founder dreams of landing a meaningful amount of investment. While it can be tempting to simply accept checks from anyone, your investor choices can destroy your dreams or become a source of strength to fuel your success.
Trends, Innovations and Startups in eSports
Our goal for this white paper is to provide an overview of the global trends in terms of eSports market opportunities, business & investment activities, existing players and innovative business models.
Investment Readiness & Fundraising
Tech Startups & Scaleups
How To Define Your Early Stage Company Valuation
Entrepreneurial Finance and the topic around startup valuation methodologies is substantially different than Corporate Finance and valuations on publicly traded corporations or very mature businesses. We are shedding light on the topic and providing some tools and resources.
Investment Readiness & Fundraising
Tech Startups & Scaleups
Venture Funding – Phases and Investor Types
The goal of this resource is to provide an overview of the venture funding stages as well as different types of investors typically investing at those stages.