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Learn more about the matching between organizational dimension and startup model

Resource overview

In accordance with the advent of cloud computing and open source software, diffusion of the “startup model” is based on three distinctive and interdependent elements: innovation, growth and funding mechanisms. The organisational design is adopted as a prototype to develop a tailored framework for startups and scaleups, which is built from the Star model and McKinsey’s 7S model with interrelated elements as strategy, structure, systems, people, and culture.

More than 90% of startups fail. The failure remains high even to startups which have access to funding. The causes to these failures are intimately linked with organizational dimension. Being aware of this fact, the resource aims at framing this dimension and matching it to the startup model. This adaption contributes to customization process, whose outcome is a tailored organizational design tool divided in three levels, business setup, general organisation setup and optimal organisation design, incorporated within four growth stages.


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