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Learn more about case study of a set of European SMEs in implementing innovation management techniques

Resource overview

Innovation Management Techniques (IMTs) are structured tools, if managed adequately, to drive innovation within a business. Their central role to innovation has been widely acknowledged, but SMEs still tend to fail in their effective implementation due to many reasons. This Resource will analyse the case for a set of innovation-sensitive European SMEs, with a particular focus on the usage and satisfaction of these IMTs and additionally on the adoption trends and the potential challenges in their implementation.

The European SMEs is considered demonstrating a high recurrence related to the IMTs usage in roughly all the business functions. The acknowledged satisfaction is proportional to the usage levels and is high in all cases. A few business functions present higher targeting and tools availability, while others have little representation. The internal knowledge level and the risk associated to the introduction of IMTs demonstrate a high impact on the IMTs adoption.


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