Wideo (500)


FFA executed the Growth Engineering Process and the result produced was the following:

  1. We identified that there were some customer segments that were related to professionals of large organizations using Wideo products for their internal tasks and activities. This puts Wideo’s product into the B2B / Enterprise IT & SaaS space, which has completely different rules, product requirements, value propositions, pricing, etc. This made Wideo eliminate some of the more B2C consumer-driven product features and related team members, in order to strengthen the new B2B setup
  2. Within these new customer segments we identified some industries in which Wideo was being used in a particular way:
    – E-Commerce (use Wideo to automatically mass-produce tailored presentation videos about the products in the shop)
    – Martech especially in Email Marketing (create customized embedded explainer videos that validated to be increasing CTR of emails
    – HR in corporations (use Wideo to create branded Wideos for all type of internal communication needs, like new employee onboarding, announcements, product explainers, etc.)