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Growth Engine: During the 24 Growth Sprints we run roughly 32 growth experiments with tests and positively validated around 5 Growth Activities. Some validations, like in the example of Email Marketing Automation had impressive metrics, e.g. with overall funnel performance beating the ones of existing activities by 400%.

Growth Activities: For the example of Email Marketing Automation we have been running it in 3 different countries in Europe, generating thousands of cold emails with a good number of warm leads and contract closings with highly positive marginal profitability (CLTV = 30 x CAC).

So the question becomes: What keeps any company back of doing something similar?

  1. Lack of knowledge of potentially viable growth activities, tactics, hacks, best practices and case studies which are either shallowly provided by the media, sold by specific solution/product providers or pushed by evangelists believing in a certain way of doing things.
  2. There is no silver bullet! Everyone telling you that they have one for you is trying to sell you something. We have a decade of experience across industries, channels, markets, business models, products, and still we don’t think that we can predicate which combination of activities is the best.
  3. What works for one company, doesn’t for another one, doesn’t matter how similar or different they are. Variables like product, business model, pricing, timing, market situation (macro and micro), and many more impact on what works in growth for the ones or the others.