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China online market. Why online without offline does not work in China

By June 8, 2013 No Comments
china online

A booming market where only a small portion of the population has access. A wise market analysis, that shows the big potentiality of the online services and shops, is performed by the economist (see the attached article, http://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2013/04/daily-chart-7)
Right now the market is controlled and well-disciplined but it is absolutely not closed to good products and services. In China, foreign companies have to approach the online market exactly the same way they approach the offline markets. It is impossible to approach China without a stable organization in the country. Be in China helps not only to be recognized from the customers but also to be protected from copied versions of your shop/service/products. B2C is never easy in the Chinese market and it will not be in the Chinese online market, but if the offline is in a mature phase we can easily understand that the online is exploding now.
written by Giulio Abbate (Associate Partner China)