Leading Insurtech marketplace company in Vietnam and SEA


Ebaohiem is a company launched in 2014 by insurance professionals with a combined industry experience of over 30 years. The Company is running the portal ebaohiem.com, leading insurance comparison platform in the country which served over 80,000 clients to date and offers insurance products across 6 mains categories (Life, Health, Auto, Travel, Home, Business) offered by 25+ insurers. Additionally, Ebaohiem launched its private label insurance company Eros Care, identifying specific market gaps in the market and designing products for digital distribution. Eros Care private label products currently include health insurances and travel insurances.

When getting in contact with Fast Forward Advisors, Ebaohiem expressed the need for support on fundraising and growth, to accelerate the company expansion. Fast Forward Advisors helped Ebaohiem to structure the investment round as well as in reviewing, improving and executing the growth activities of the company.

Client: Ebaohiem
Sector: Insurtech
Product: Comparison platform & marketplace
Web: Ebaohiem.com

Project summary

Service: Startup International Fundraising, Startup Growth Services
Outcome: Growth Strategy, Investor readiness, Fundraising execution (ongoing)

“Working with FFA enabled us to define an engineered approach to growth as well as reach out to investors with a more appealing investment proposition“

Kien Luu | CEO | Ebaohiem


As many companies in high growing markets and industries, Ebaohiem experienced strong organic growth since the early start. Nevertheless, the company did not have a clear and detailed picture on how the growth was happening (in terms of channels, activities / campaigns). Therefore, when it came to designing a plan to boost additional growth, as well as creating a systematic approach for customer acquisition, Ebaohiem lacked experience in both the analytics and the methodology.

While the company was fast growing in a very appealing industry, the founders lacked the know-how on how to design a proper investment strategy that could be appealing to VC investors as well as fitting with the company next development steps.



Growth Checkup: As a far step for improving the capabilities of the Growth department of Ebaohiem, we performed an extensive assessment of the growth activities, in terms of analytics, tools, channels and activities. The outcome of the checkup has then been used to plan the first set of growth activities within our Growth as a Service (GaaS) service.

Growth As A Service (GaaS) – Setup: In the setup phase we mostly focused on measuring the past performance of the company in terms of growth (CAC, reorder rates, CLTV, etc) and define the actions needed to systematically collect and analyze the growth KPIs. Such KPIs are the key elements to be used in the GaaS execution as a benchmark for improvement.

Growth As A Service (GaaS) – Execution: Ebaohiem has historically acquired most of its user through SEO and with some early experiments in Facebook marketing. Therefore, in the GaaS execution we focused in consolidating and scaling the Facebook marketing activities as well as testing new channels (such as SEM and API partnerships among others).


Investment Readiness Checkup: We started the collaboration with an Investment Readiness Checkup, a quick 2 hours sessions in which we quickly analyzed the company activities, traction and plans in order to identify the level of investment readiness as well as how appetible the company was for a potential VC investment. After packaging our positive findings in our Investor Readiness Report, we decided

Investment Readiness Consulting: In order to prepare for the fundraising, we applied the FFA Investment Readiness methodology to identify all gaps to be solved by the company prior to contact potential investors. Some of the gaps were then closed by FFA with ad-hoc support (such as market research & market/opportunity quantification, competition analysis), while the resolutions of remaining gaps (mostly related to growth) have been planned together with the company.

Investor Outreach: Once the investment material was ready, FFA connected with investors within our network as well as performed ad-hoc research for insurtech investors interested in Pre-A deals in the region. The activity generated great interest from the investment community and specific investments are currently under negotiation. Please get in touch if you are interested in getting more information about the deal.



Ebaohiem and FFA successfully developed alternative channels for growth, boosting the company growth as well as implemented a systematic growth engine within the company to keep exploring new strategies and tactics for growth. The Growth KPI dashboards developed by FFA now allow Ebaohiem to keep control on the resources and outcomes of every single growth activity implemented and provides a simple validation, comparison and reporting tool all in one.


Ebaohiem is holding ongoing discussions for a 7-figure pre-series A round right after two months from the initiation date of the collaboration with Fast Forward Advisors. Contact us to get updated on news about the deal.