Services for Accelerators & Incubators

We help accelerators & incubators (and their tenants) being more successful, by transferring our targeted know-how and do-how related to international growth and fundraising.

FFA works with many startups and a dozen of accelerators & incubators in Europe, Asia and the US , we believe that we can bring a value added service to the tenants of your organizations.

We developed a set of services that we believe are of great added value and affordable for any Accelerators & Incubators:

Workshops & Training

In our FFA Workshop Section you'll find the workshops that we offer to Startups:

  • Business Modeling for Startups
    BMC development, for venture-backable or bootstrapped startups in digital, tech and no-tech
  • Business Development & Growth Strategy
    Multichannel analysis (B2B, B2C and B2B2C), setup and implementation
  • Investor Readiness Check-Up
    360° check-ups for startups on all relevant areas of their business
  • How to Rock your Pitch
    Checking and reviewing investment/sales pitch readiness
  • Understanding a Seed/Series A Investment Term Sheet
    Final workshop for selected startups that are preparing investment rounds

Virtual / On-Site 1-1 Coaching and Mentoring

  • On-going support on strategic thoughts & operational issues with non-invasive and time-effective support (via virtual tools and with online-scheduling)
  • Full support during pre-acceleration, acceleration and post-acceleration on the topics shown in the Workshops & Training and Targeted 1-1 Support for more complex tasks sections.

Targeted 1-1 Support for more complex tasks

  • Corporate Strategic Partnerships
  • Multichannel International Business Development
  • Growth Hacking
  • Interim Management
  • International Fundraising

Acceleration & Incubation Program Management & Operations

  • We can support your Program Management & Operations as a Service, providing all the tools and people needed.


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