Multichannel Business Development

We help you setup, analyze, prioritize, generate and execute multichannel growth strategies and business development operations (B2B, B2C and through partnerships B2B2C and B2B2B).

Business Development can be a complex and tough activity, especially if we think about how the world is rapidly changing: internet expansion, mass digitalization, globalization and media saturation.

The number of channels is rapidly ramping up, the business development strategies are becoming more complex, getting attention from the channels and their gate keepers are becoming more difficult and multi-leveled and approaching the globalized marketplace adds a significant challenge both on the cultural level, regarding communication strategies and "value proposition/product – market" fit.

FFA supports you in identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, budgeting, testing and executing the different sales and marketing channels (in the different geographical areas) needed for your business development. Our team might adopt also some  Growth Hacking techniques on certain channels.

Multichannel Business Development


Our team at FFA helps you defining your international business development strategy and operations tailored for your startup


  • Identify possible markets and marketing / sales channels
  • Evaluate different market entry strategies and business development approaches
  • Setup value proposition, prepare communication and setup business development process
  • Setup CRM for sales lead management
  • Define KPIs and metrics dashboard needed to evaluate performance
  • Analyze results of operations and focus budgets on the best performing channels and strategies


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