Growth Hacking

We support you in hacking growth on a tight budget and strongly focusing on performance marketing techniques and tools (based on Dave McClures' "AARRR framework").

Growing a business when you have a big budget is not a big deal. The challenge is how to maximize every penny, when you are trying to grow a startup company.

Growth Hacking is the art of growing your Start up in the most efficient way by quickly testing and iterating all the phases of the customer journey, by keeping the budget as low as possible.

Despite other disciplines like SEO, Growth Hacking is about growing the bottom line, the revenue and the customer base based on a clear (and highly engineered) performance marketing activity. This fact becomes even more important, when preparing a venture-backed fundraising, for which having clear metrics and KPIs can increase the probability of convincing investors about the real business model of the company.

We base our activities on the AARRR framework developed by Dave McClure (founder 500 Startups):

  • Acquisition
    Quickly identifying where your clients are and testing what’s the most efficient way to approach them: Social media, affiliates, organic, content creation, display, offline, user to recommendation, etc. We will identify and validate the best channel to reach your customers with a creative and innovative edge on the market.
  • Activation
    The secret of a good growth strategy is taking the most of every opportunity, that’s why we will focus on activate (converting) your Anonymous visits into Users that we can contact later and onboarding them and get them to understand the full value of your products and services (and therefore start to create a healthy Customer Life Time Value - CLTV).
  • Retention
    Long term successful growth requires also creating elements for eliminating churn and for customers to come back and consume your products and services.
  • Referral
    Get your customers and users so excited and satisfied that they tell other members of their networks about your product and service and therefore become ambassadors of your company.
  • Revenue
    Monetize any of the behaviors and value generation along the steps and make sure that the CLTV developed sustains (also in a long-term perspective) the costs of the different steps!

In FFA we believe that the secret to success relies in tailoring a winning strategy and sticking to the plan, testing quickly to validate the best path to success.
Would you like to develop a successful Growth Hacking Strategy?


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