Corporate Strategic Partnerships

We support you in creating a value proposition and product/service features for a potential corporate strategic partnership and identifying and enabling contacts with the corporations that could best fit to your proposition.

Getting interest from corporations on your product, service or value proposition might be very difficult. You might be too small, not strong enough to get into their radar or you have no clue how to engage with the corporate world at all (because you never had the chance to experience it in your past career).

Corporations can be interesting for two aspects:

  1. They have huge networks of stakeholders that can be very useful for your startup. Users, customers, suppliers, brand recognition etc. to name a few
  2. They might be interested in working with startups on technologies, innovations and value propositions that could be complementary to the corporations' ones.

At FFA we can help you to create a sound value proposition for corporations and support you through all the steps in the process, from the lead generation up to the deal closing.

Corporate Strategic Partnerships


Our team at FFA can help you sourcing, evaluating, approaching and closing potential strategic partnerships on a wide range of potential partnership deals: revenue-share deals, profit-share deals, content deals, media for equity deals or Joint Venturing.


  • Analysis of the existing venture's products, services and value propositions
  • Research and analyze interesting markets and potential partners that might fit with the current or adapted value proposition of the venture
  • Contact, assess and shortlist partners
  • Design and implement deal strategies
  • Assist with negotiations and closing of the deals


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