International Fundraising (Formal and Informal VC)

We help ventures in raising Seed and Series A funding rounds internationally (Europe and USA) by preparing financial kits, sourcing and reaching out to investors and supporting in shortlisting and negotiations.

One of the hardest tasks for early stage startups is fundraising, because of three main reasons:

  1. It drains resources (especially time and cash)
  2. It is about finance and legal (sometimes not the focus of tech/business co-founders)
  3. It relies on large networks that founders have to build up from scratch.

FFA steps in to solve these problems. We support you, entrepreneurs and founders, in your pre-seed, bridge-seed and series-a fundraising process; so you can focus on what is really important: developing your companies/products and get them to market!

We offer 3 different work packages that can be purchased altogether or separately, according to your needs.

The compensation for the services is composed by a relatively small retainer fee + work-for-equity component with a linear vesting based on certain work milestones during one year of the advisory activity.
This scheme is based on templates and best practices from global top-tier venture ecosystems.

Preparation of Financial Kit


FFA helps you build a solid business proposal and prepares all the documents you need to successfully pitch your idea / business to investors.


  • Assessment of company's "investor readiness"
  • Check venture-backed business models and their metrics
  • Rehearse elevator pitch several times
  • Support in pitch deck creation


  • Checked Business and Financial Plan or Model
  • Dashboard on Metrics, KPIs and Projections
  • One-Pager / Executive Summary
  • Pitch Deck

Investor Research and Outreach


FFA reaches out to its 1st rank investor network and to 2nd rank acquaintances, in order to find a high number of interested investors. We can even pitch for our clients, whenever there is an opportunity to do so. We wrap up all this information and send you a weekly report on the fundraising status.


  • Investor database queries
  • Assess potential fit with different investors
  • Pitching for and supporting the pitch of our clients


  • Pitching opportunities in Europe, US, Asia
  • Target investor list
  • Investor outreach and networking
  • International Roadshow

Shortlisting and Negotiations


Which of the interested investors should you choose and what to look out when signing a deal? FFA gives you an answer to these questions. Choosing the right investor is tricky and the negotiations with them even more. FFA helps you in this very hot phase of the fundraising process by supporting you in shortlisting and negotiations of the legal documents, in order to get the best deal for you.


  • Shortlisting and ranking interested investors
  • Assist the entrepreneur during term sheet negotiations
  • Collaborating with lawyers to find best business strategy/terms fit


  • Shortlisting investors based on rating
  • Highlighting critical issues of term sheet
  • Term sheet negotiations


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