Independent Advisory Board

We offer to join a venture's advisory board (mainly as non-executive directors or independent members) putting our experience and network to work for the company's management.

Whether you are a seasoned, a serial or a first time entrepreneur, there is always an upside in bringing in an independent advisor into your advisory board, someone that can provide access to an international network of industry contacts, in order to accelerate your company's development.

An effective board has a positive and long-term impact on its organization, bringing confidence to its shareholders, external stakeholders and potential investors. Creating a diverse and balanced board – also by adding independent advisors to the board – provides value, not only in terms of resources like experience, expertise and access to networks, but also in soft value drivers, as having an extra voice and extra opinion on a given strategic or operational problem or opportunity.

Main Activities

  • Providing independent advice to a board of directors during meetings on strategic and operational topics
  • Activating internal FFA resources and networks to fuel the company, in order to make it more successful


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