Business, KPIs and Metrics Modeling

We support you in developing business and financial models and dashboards to capture, analyze and act upon KPIs and metrics needed to support your decision making in both financial and marketing related topics.

One of the qualifying elements of growth is the identification, analysis and understanding of a company of a certain set of metrics and KPIs which influence and drive their business. Especially for startups it is important to focus on key metrics and KPIs, in order to focus the limited resources to maximize the value created by the company.
FFA steps in to give a third-party and independent view of the business model and by providing guidance in understanding which metrics and KPIs should the company focus on. We both provide identification, testing, modeling and analytical skills, in order to support companies in all phases of their development.
The compensation for the services is composed by a relatively small retainer fee + work-for-equity component with a linear vesting based on certain work milestones during the advisory activity. This advisory scheme is based on templates and best practices from global top-tier venture ecosystems.

Business, KPIs and Metrics Modeling


FFA helps you in identifying your key KPIs and metrics and setup a dashboard to analyze them and a business model which base on these


  • Assessment of company's business models, analytical frameworks and tools
  • Understanding of actual KPIs and metrics and what strategies are in place to develop and improve them
  • Defining and deploying new strategies and tools to improve the business model and increase the value generated


  • Checklist of actual business models, analytical frameworks and tools and metrics-value fit
  • Dashboard of Metrics, KPIs and Projections
  • Measurable improvements in strategy and tools for identification, analysis and use of KPIs and metrics in the company

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