Innovation & Growth

For us Innovation & Growth are the two strongest levers for corporations, SMES and ventures to thrive in the 21st century.

We cover the full scope of the innovation process, from its generation, through the management and monetization, to the funding, global deployment and scaling process

We are industry agnostic, we worked in a wide range of industries and geographies.

We focus 100% of our people's work and energy on these topics, which enables us to gain strong horizontal know-how and reach top operational quality, competence, experience and skills.

Our corporate services, venture services, institutional services and educational services  provide solutions, frameworks, processes, best practices and tools that help you master these challenges:

Spark your invention & innovation capabilities

Scout, assess, apply & invest in innovations

Design, deploy, manage and control your innovation process

Market, sell & deploy innovations globally

Identify and find the right resources for your innovations

Valuation, business models, monetization & funding of innovations / IP