Workshops, Off-Sites & Bootcamps

We love to deliver highly engaging workshops and bootcamps for a wide scope of stakeholders (from students through entrepreneurs to senior managers and CXOs) focused on innovation and international growth topics.

Certain strategic topics like innovation and entrepreneurship that are impacting and affecting daily routines and operations are better explained and discussed in an outdoor, neutral and inspirational location, in order to: 1) get 100% of the participants' attention and participation and 2) set a creative and out-of-the-box mindset.
We offer a wide range of topics and concepts in the field of innovation, startups and entrepreneurship and at FFA we try to ensure the engagement of the participants and try to facilitate the communication, problem-solving, collaboration and exchange processes. We deliver the know-how, tools and techniques in a multi-sensorial way, in order for the audience to strongly learn and to internalize the concepts.

Workshops, Off-Sites & Bootcamps


Our team will provide a top-notch engaging workshop, off-site or bootcamp tailored to your target audience.


  • Original and out-side-the-box experiences and formats, in order to boost the audience's engagement and participation
  • High quality learning and workshop materials for further reference
  • Special modules, materials and concepts for particular needs (team building, change management)
  • Provided languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, French


Check out some examples of our workshops and keynotes and our educational service client and project references.