Seminars & Keynote Speeches

We offer inspirational speeches and key notes or join discussions and round tables focused on what we do best –our core competences and core topics, our past and present projects or our global consulting engagement experiences.

Certain topics in innovation are very complex and sometimes not easily explainable to the general public. But with complexity comes the difficulty in giving inspirational, easily understandable, but still informative and interesting speech.
At FFA we try to deliver speeches about our core competences and core topics by trying to make them feel our absolute passion and love for these topics. With a good mix between informative and emotional content we try to motivate and convince the audience. We also try to interact with the audience by using interactive Q&A and public survey sessions.

Seminars & Keynote Speeches


Our team will provide a top-notch inspirational and motivational seminar or keynote speech tailored to the audience.


  • Providing emotional and informative content to explain, motivate and convince the audience about complex topics
  • Beautifully drafted presentations including HQ images with story-telling and audience interaction elements
  • Provided languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, French - Interactive Q&As about the topics


Check out some examples of our workshops and keynotes and our educational service client and project references.