MBA/EMBA and Graduate Contract Teaching

We are active in master and post-graduate level academia as contract professors in the areas of innovation, international growth and entrepreneurial-startup development and finance for both private and public universities and other academic institutions.

Master degree students, global executives and professionals when joining an advanced degree program want to get mainly two benefits:

  1. large and strong network of professionals and executives
  2. first class know-how and transactional experiences from top-tier professionals.

We believe that with our experience in contract professor work and as corporate research co-supervisors make us a perfect team to complement your programs related to the topics of innovation, entrepreneurial-startup development and finance and international growth development.

MBA/EMBA and Graduate Contract Teaching


Our team will provide a top-notch academic lesson, seminar or workshop tailored to the class including elements from theory, research and from our transactional experience.


  • Providing elements from theory and research (also from FFA visiting research activities)
  • Real case studies showing global projects, activities and transactions from our daily consulting experience
  • Providing FFA's network to alumni during and after the academic mandate


Check out our educational service client and project references.