IP Valuation & Dealing

We identify the value of your organization's intellectual property (IP) by using a broad range of valuation techniques, needed for you to deal with the IP on the markets.

We are living in the era of information, in which Intellectual Property (or shortly IP) and therefore immaterial assets are becoming increasingly important. The IP has to be generated, defended, properly accounted and economically benefited from in the markets.

In order to achieve this, a company would need to create an IP-Strategy that clearly defines the developmentphases and application strategies of patents, trademarks and generally speaking of any intangible assets. This IP-strategy should be included in the company's global strategy, in order to enrich the areas like R&D, product development and sales.


FFA supports you in the 3 steps of the IP-strategy:

  1. IP Valuation
  2. IP Accounting
  3. IP Dealing in order for your organization to maximize utilization of your IP assets


  • IP Valuation: Calculate the strategic and economic value of the IP and of the potential innovation with quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
  • IP Accounting: IP has to be accounted in order to increase the company's value and can also be included in so called Intellectual Capital Reports.
  • IP Dealing: There are different possibilities to monetize IP, both internally (including them in existing product and service lines) or externally (selling, licensing or spinning-off)


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