Enterprise & Customer Gamification

We improve engagement and interaction of internal (enterprise gamification) and external (customer gamification) stakeholders by providing game mechanics and incentives.

First things first, what is gamification? For the uninitiated, gamification draws from the characteristics that we like about games and introduces them into non-game situations, thereby motivating people in engaging in activities which they would usually consider boring and monotonous. Due to its tremendous potential to change behavior, gamification is already used by some of the largest companies in the world, like IBM, Google, and Starbucks.

According to the research organization Gartner, more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application by the end of 2015. The same organization also predicted that 80% of these efforts would fail to reach their objectives. With these statistics in mind we believe it is important to think your design through and work on a solid strategy to put gamification on your agenda for the long-run.

This is where FFA steps in. Our team of certified gamification experts will work with you on developing a holistic and sustainable approach to gamify your organization, processes and products. Our final objective is to gamify the whole organization, including internal (Enterprise Gamification) and external processes (Customer Gamification), from internal functions to the engagement with customers and users, in order to better reach your business goals.

Gamification works in every industry and sector, see different business cases in the FFA resource section.

Enterprise Gamification


Our team of certified gamification experts will support you in the development of a strategy to gamify your whole organization. They will help you find the right incentive to motivate your employees and to increase productivity by transforming monotonous work in engaging activities.


  • Identify and understand the players
  • Understand the current business scenario and lay out the desired business goals
  • Find the right incentives and game design
  • Balance the reward mechanism across all systems
  • Consider legal, budgetary, financial, moral and ethical challenges of gamification
  • Lay out the update and promotion activities

Customer Gamification


Our experts will assist you in formulating a thorough and sustainable gamification strategy to engage your customers and help you influence their behavior.


  • Identify business goals and formulate measurable targets
  • Investigate target audience and find the right incentives
  • Identify the look and feel that should be conveyed
  • Select the right mechanic toolkit
  • Launch a pilot to test the design
  • Reiterate and deploy the system
  • Check success metrics and reiterate on system feedback