Corporate Accelerators & Venture Capital

We setup an outside-in innovation structure for your organization, enabling you to provide financial and business support to startups that can integrate both vertically and horizontally with your existing core businesses.

Part of the outside-in innovation strategy in medium size companies and large corporations is to think about investing financial and business support to innovations being developed by startups or spin-offs on the global market.

Corporations can provide insights into business and market applications, providing a strong brand and access to suppliers, customers and partners and can help the companies financially to kick-start in the early stages of the innovation development. This strategy has the advantage that it offers good insights in the different companies (with a fair investment to risk ratio) and offers opportunities to select the best startups and raise the business and financial support progressively.

The startups can integrate vertically and horizontally into the existing technologies and business models of the corporations, providing also a wider spread portfolio strategy.

Our team at FFA works with dozens of accelerators & incubators (or their tenants) in Europe, Asia and the Americas and we are confident that we know and experienced the strategic and operational challenges and related solutions of corporate accelerators and venture capital.

Strategic Support


Our team helps you in setting up the corporate accelerator and venture capital overall strategy, identifying different variables (geographical focus, investment stage and tickets, legal setup especially for public corporations, and many more) that are needed to frame the project both strategically and financially and get the management and BoD to see value in the project.


  • Analysis of organization's outside-in innovation strategy and initial idea of an accelerator or venture capital project
  • Identification of the different variables to frame the project and provide a strategic paper
  • Join the advisory board as independent advisors and providing strategic support in all stages of the project implementation and decision making process

Operational Support


Our team helps you in co-operating (with the designated internal team) the corporate accelerator and venture capital covering activities that are not core to the corporation, especially regarding the outreach and the financial activities. As fully independent consulting firm we ensure to work at the sole corporate's interests.