Business Model & Value Innovation

We identify innovation potential in your business models and your customer value creation, in order to improve your organization's competitiveness.

Part of the outside-in innovation strategy in medium size companies and large corporations is to think about investing financial and business support to innovations being developed by startups or spin-offs on the global market.

Corporations can provide insights into business and market applications, providing a strong brand and access to suppliers, customers and partners and can help the companies financially to kick-start in the early stages of the innovation development. This strategy has the advantage that it offers good insights in the different companies (with a fair investment to risk ratio) and offers opportunities to select the best startups and raise the business and financial support progressively.

The startups can integrate vertically and horizontally into the existing technologies and business models of the corporations, providing also a wider spread portfolio strategy.

Our team at FFA works with dozens of accelerators & incubators (or their tenants) in Europe, Asia and the Americas and we are confident that we know and experienced the strategic and operational challenges and related solutions of corporate accelerators and venture capital.


Our team will analyze the as-is situation of the value creation system of your organization, by identify the key processes and resources and business models needed to create and sustain the value for customers. This sets the basis to analyze opportunities in both business models and in additional / new value creation, in order to create growth drivers for your organization.


  • Analysis of organization's business models and value creation systems (via business model canvas and value creation canvas) and define as-is situation
  • Laying out possible improvement and growth opportunities based on the as-is situation analysis and providing the needed strategies, frameworks and tools to execute what has been identified in the analysis
  • Control the process and reiterate on a continuous basis, providing proactive strategic and operational support to management and project managers


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