Boosting of Ideation & Invention

We help you boosting your organization's ideation and invention capabilities, identifying the needed processes, tools & incentives.

Combining a creative and inventive mindset with the efficiency craving day-by-day operations of your organization's staff is not easy. Keeping an open mind for ideas that might improve the organization is of great importance for thriving the continuous improvement of your organization and eventually create inventions and innovations that your organization might be benefiting from.

FFA supports your organization to setup processes, management structures and engagement tools, in order for your staff to boost their ideation and invention capabilities, without sacrificing a big deal of efficiency and man-hours overhead. Both structured invention and unstructured ideation are being analyzed for your organization during this process.


Our team will assess the present ideation and invention output of your organization and can provide both strategic and operational support in setting up appropriate processes and tools to improve and boost the capabilities of your organization.


  • Analysis of organization's ideation and invention structure and processes
  • Identifying the as-is ideation and invention activity, processes, key players and tools
  • Elaboration of collected materials and understanding and evaluation of as-is situation
  • Production and definition of metrics and variables needed to support or challenge the as-is situation
  • Lay out possible improvements opportunities and how to achieve them, providing tools, frameworks and methodologies tailored to your organization


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