Market Research & Competitive Analysis

We provide you with independent market research & competitive analysis needed to plan your internationalization strategy and operations.

Internationalization is one of the strongest growth levers of any business organization in the 21st century, but the organization needs to embrace an international / global strategy and operations to achieve this, by making sure that processes, products, services and internal and external operations are prepared for it.

There are great benefits that can be achieved with successful internationalization:

  • Increasing sales volumes and revenues, including higher margin markets
  • Diversifying the geographic risk, avoiding seasonal cycles and low growth periods
  • Extending the lifetime of products, increasing their profitability

Our team at FFA steps in to provide answers on which markets to focus your internationalization activities, by analyzing your internal and external variables with the international markets and their opportunities. If your organization already identified potential target markets, our team can run an independent analysis and confirm hypotheses and variables of the market research.


Our team will perform a detailed market analysis based on your potential target markets and product specifications in order to give you all the relevant information on which to base your market entry decisions


  • Research of relevant aspects of the target market
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • SWOT analysis


  • Market report including:
    • General market info
    • Competitive environment
    • Positioning of the company and their product/service portfolio
  • Comments on possible internationalization methodologies (export, joint venture, foreign branches, acquisitions)


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