Internationalization Check-up

We audit your international growth potential and readiness and provide you with a detailed report highlighting its strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities.

Internationalization is one of the strongest growth levers of any business organization in the 21st century, but the organization needs to embrace an international / global strategy and operations to achieve this, by making sure that processes, products, services and internal and external operations are prepared for it.

There are great benefits that can be achieved with successful internationalization:

  • Increasing sales volumes and revenues, including higher margin markets
  • Diversifying the geographic risk, avoiding seasonal cycles and low growth periods
  • Extending the lifetime of products, increasing their profitability

FFA steps in to provide a solution to this need providing a detailed independent assessment of your organization's internationalization capabilities and the connected processes and organizational structures that support. We use frameworks, tools and methodologies that ensure a very pragmatic and effective assessment and wrap the results up in a detailed report highlighting strengths, weakness and improvement opportunities.


Our team will assess your internationalization capabilities, processes and support structures and provide you with a detailed report highlighting strengths, weakness and improvement opportunities. The report can be used to drive change and improvement programs in your organization.


  • Analysis of organization's structure, processes, products and services
  • Identifying the AS-IS market development activity, processes and key players
  • Elaboration of collected materials and understanding and evaluation of AS-IS situation
  • Production and definition of metrics and variables needed to support or challenge the AS-IS situation
  • Lay out possible improvements opportunities and how to achieve them, providing tools, frameworks and methodologies tailored to your organization


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