International Soft- & Hard-Landing Support

We help your organization on the full 360° internationalization strategy, operations and deployment, providing both strategic advisory and operational support in international (and emerging) markets.

The challenge beyond taking the decision to internationalize is to surround you with all the partners and connections that will enable you to successfully put your plan into action. Further, legal requirements, cultural differences or marketing strategies may require you to be physically present in a new market. This brings a vast number of additional variables to consider. Not only do you have to find the right partners, you also need local staff structuring and handling operations.

Whether you are taking your first steps towards internationalization or you have a wider range of needs, you can count on our (and or exclusive partners') professional help and experience.

Soft Landing


FFA will assist you in the setup of a complete commercial network strictly necessary for your export activities, specifically tailored to your needs. We will scour the marketplace for suitable commercial partners, assist you in the selection process and, if desired, carry out preliminary talks with the candidates and initiate first negotiations.


  • Research of potential export and commercial partners
  • Assessment of fit with potential partners and clients
  • Outreach and networking
  • Preliminary discussions and contract negotiations
  • International digital marketing


  • Map of required partners
  • Shortlist of potential export partners in target market
  • Evaluation of single partners and clients
  • Contractual leads that allow the start of operations in the target market

Hard Landing


FFA will aid you in establishing a physical presence in a new market and in your expansion endeavors. Whether you decide to open international branches, set up a joint venture or acquire a local player, you want strategic partners or make a direct investment, FFA is on your side.


  • Research of potential partners or acquisition targets
  • Evaluation and assessment of internationalization opportunities
  • Outreach and networking
  • Assistance in the preliminary structure setup
  • Assistance during negotiations and implementation
  • Setup of operations with the partners


  • Shortlist of potential partners/acquisition targets
  • Evaluation of opportunities and alternatives
  • Partnership network and operations plan
  • Target structure after the deal


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