Corporate services

Our corporate services provide 360° solutions to the main challenges of medium / large sized multinational corporations and SMBs regarding innovation & growth.


We help you boosting your organization's ideation and invention capabilities, identifying the needed processes, tools & incentives

We identify innovation potential in your business models and your customer value creation, in order to improve your organization's competitiveness

We setup an outside-in innovation structure for your organization, enabling you to provide financial and business support to startups that can integrate both vertically and horizontally with your existing core businesses

We improve engagement and interaction of internal (enterprise gamification) and external (customer gamification) stakeholders by providing game mechanics and incentives

We setup the right tools and methodologies for the early stages of your new product development (NPD) process, in order to save on costs and drive effective innovations

We audit your innovation capabilities, processes and support structures and provide a detailed report highlighting its strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities

We support you in structuring your targeted innovation and startup radar tools and processes, in order to have a global scouting eye on new complementary technologies and business models

We support you in setting up an innovation process and management and provide you with all the needed tools to successfully run them

We assess your intangible capital (IC) and help you reporting it to your stakeholders, by using our company-build project ValueRabbit to automatize your IC self-assessment.

We identify the value of your organization's intellectual property (IP) by using a broad range of valuation techniques, needed for you to deal with the IP on the markets.

We assess the potential of your organization to take advantage from an open innovation framework and support you putting the right processes and tools in place

We help you introduce inside-out innovation structure, enabling your organization to create internal and external entrepreneurial deployment opportunities of your innovations


We audit your international growth potential and readiness and provide you with a detailed report highlighting its strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities

We help your organization on the full 360° internationalization strategy, operations and deployment, providing both strategic advisory and operational support in international (and emerging) markets

We provide you with independent market research & competitive analysis needed to plan your internationalization strategy and operations