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Managing Partner - Europe (m/f)

Who are we?

Fast Forward Advisors (FFA) is looking for a Managing Partner (m/f) to join our engaged consulting team in Europe. FFA is a boutique consulting firm strongly focused on innovation and i18n, trying to become a powerhouse house and create a huge knowledge base on these topics. We have excellent references on the European market with large corporations, SMEs and startups. We define ourselves as Entrepreneurial Consultants; we are lean, tech-savvy and progressive thinking, with a strong hands-on approach to innovation and business.

What will you be doing?

  • Work with the team on present and future innovation and startup consulting projects all over Europe.
  • Engage in Business Development in Europe, in order to find leads and close deals with stakeholders (startups, SMEs, Startups, Governments, Institutions) interested in our innovation and i18n services.
  • Help the team in educational marketing (blog posts, medium articles, slideshare presentations) and in "horizontal" activities (new products / services, new markets, accounting, strategy)
  • Attend networking events, workshops and conferences, both as speaker or attendee.

Are you the right one for us?

  • We are looking for an engineer, scientist, economist or lawyer with 5+ years of experience in either innovation management / innovation engineering, management consulting or in tech / tech-enabled startup work or advisory as a freelancer or self-starter.
  • You must be used to heavy multi-tasking and multi-project work with a European and sometimes Global team and be comfortable with digital communication and project management tools (Asana, Trello, Podio, etc.) and proficient in MS Office / GDocs.
  • We are looking for a hard working team player with a "killer-instinct", someone that is fun to work with for up to 16 hours / day and that has a good sense of humor and knows when to switch between serious business and fun moments.

What do we offer?

  • We are looking to grow our business cake and want to share it, with who is making the cake grow. If you join, you get a piece of the profits that we generate, we can share tools, best practices, our established network and references.
  • We are not paying a salary (you basically "eat what you kill"), but the partnership entity provides the flexibility to make regular pay-outs out from the generated cash-flow.
  • Highly dynamic globally based team with various backgrounds and with astonishing backgrounds
  • When we achieve goals, we love to meet up and celebrate (from skiing in the Alps to a long weekend in a cool city)

Interested in the job or curious to know more about us?
Please engage with us on social media with a compelling story, on why we should work together!

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Your FFA Team