Customer Gamification Cases

Hard fact
Bottle Bank Arcade
Many of us return our plastic bottles and cans. Noticeably fewer recycle their glass. Maybe that's because we don't get any money in return, as we do for cans and plastic. Can we change this attitude by making recycling glass fun to do? So you are not just rewarded with a good conscience, you also get a smile. See the results here.
Productivity Games for End Users
50x more usage than nearby bottle return
The world's deepest bin
To throw rubbish in the bin instead of onto the floor shouldn’t really be so hard. Many people still fail to do so. Can we get more people to throw rubbish into the bin, rather than onto the ground, by making it fun to do? See the results here
Productivity Games for End Users
132% more trash was collected
Piano stairs
”Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better” is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do? See the results here
Productivity Games for End Users
66% more people than normal choose to use the stairways
Speed camera lottery
The winning idea of the fun theory award, submitted by Kevin Richardson, USA. Can we get more people to obey the speed limit by making it fun to do? This was the question Kevin’s idea answered and it was so good that Volkswagen, together with The Swedish National Society for Road Safety, actually made this innovative idea a reality in Stockholm, Sweden.
Productivity Games for End Users
22% reduction in speed
The Play Belt
You can only then use the in car entertainment system, when you are buckled up.
Productivity Games for End Users
Rephrasing questions on the survey in a way, that make it more interesting for participants lead to a sharp increase in responses.[..]
A question such as “Describe yourself” yielded on average 2.4 descriptive words, with effectively 85% of respondents answering. When that question was changed to present the challenge “Describe yourself in exactly seven words” the descriptors increased to an average of 4.5 and the response rate rose to 98%.[..]
Our study found that by adding a motive to answer a question we could improve the response rates. For example, we asked respondents how much they liked each of a list of music acts. Typically, this yielded evaluations of 83 artists. Not bad. However, when we asked them to imagine that they owned their own radio station and to decide which of the artists they would put on their station’s playlist, respondents were willing to spend longer deliberating their answers and the average number of artists evaluated rose to 148.[..]
Engage Research and GMI
Productivity Games for End Users
  • from 2.4 raise to 4.5 descriptive words
  • response rate frmom 85% to 98%
  • # of artists evaluated from 83 to 148
  • from 6 favorite food items mentioned to 35
Interrupting Online Video Views
Using game mechanics, blurbIQ turns video commercials from passive to active engagement by overlaying brand and trivia questions on the video. The average number of brand questions answered per 30-second engagement is 3.39.
Up to 5% of visitors end up sharing something with friends. Of these 80% are shared via Facebook, 16% share via email and 4% share via Twitter.
"You would think that interrupting video views to ask brand-related questions would kill user interest. But just the opposite happens. They watch longer, convert at a higher rate and remember more about the brand message. We drive consumers to interact with and understand the messaging of the video," says Scott Reese, CEO of blurbIQ Inc
  • interaction rate of 37.97%, a lift of 915% over the "industry average" of the other video vendors of 4.15%
  • video completion rate was 65.45% vs. 43.57%
  • click-through rate was 2.52% vs. 0.18%, a lift of 1,400%
  • Video viewers exposed to blurbIQ's "gamification" have shown +95% unaided brand and key message recall two weeks after one exposure vs. single digits for TV viewers of the same commercial.
B2B Marketer in Finance
To launch a new website in the finance sector, the game "Kill the Paper Invoice" was launched.
Over the first month of the campaign:
  • Website visits increased by 108.5%
  • Unique website visits increased by 99.8%
Over the second month of the campaign:
  • Website visits increased by 95.9%
  • Unique website visits increased by 81.4%
Other results include:
  • 34% increase in membership database
  • 9.38% conversion rate from game page visit to data capture
  • 19.7% of leader board entrants forwarded the game to a colleague
A community used leaderboards for social adoption & usage
business usage and adoption increase by 250%
Buffalo Wild Wings
Campaign that generated +100Mio impressions via Facebook & Twitter
  • first 3 weeks: 30,000 players
  • 3 months: 184,000 players
  • 1 in 3 players returned to play again
  • increase in participation by 500%
Voting for Miss Social
  • doubled consumer base within 4 months
  • 85% rate of re-engagement
  • 60% improvement in revenues from one month to the next
  • Dec. 2010 - March 2011: grew active user base by 80,000
Samsung Nation
Samsung, for example, came to Badgeville hoping to increase the number of product reviews users post on its website. The companies combined forces to launch Samsung Nation, a social loyalty program that lets users earn badges for such activities as writing reviews and watching videos and compete for rewards. By using Badgeville's platform along with its own technologies, Samsung saw a 500% increase in customers' product reviews.
  • 500% increase in customers' product reviews
  • 66% increase in site visitors*
  • 30% increase in comments*
  • reduced marketing costs*
  • reduced product support costs*
*Gartner Webinar
EMC gamified their community with gamification platform Badgeville
  • increase of 25% in reply to discussions(in the first 2 weeks)
  • Registration -3%
  • Page Views +12%
  • Visits +10%
  • Unique Visitors +10%
  • Created a document +9%
  • Replied to thread +15%
  • File downloaded +10%
  • Videos Watched +41%
  • Total Activity +21%
  • 2012 Engagement +9%
Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless implemented the Gigya Social Gamification Platform, which rewards users with badges for engaging with the site. That allows Verizon Wireless to encourage behaviors such as commenting on articles and sharing that bring back valuable referral traffic to the Verizon Insider site.
Verizon Wireless
  • More than 50 percent of the site’s users participated in the gamified environment.
  • On average, users who logged in via Social Login spent 30 percent more time on the site versus the older method.
  • Those Social Login users also generate 15 percent more page views than others.
MTV Italia
User generated video chart based on various “game dynamics” like avatars, points and leaderboard. App’s main objectives are: a) to drive users from Facebook to TV; b) to loyalize existing TV audience.
Even if the app is still in beta version and the TV program hasn’t started yet, see the results.
MTV Italia
  • More than 500.000 votes in less then three months
  • More than 150.000 videos viewed
Gamified with Badgeville, presentated at Measure - Influence - Connect Engage2012 by Steve Sims
  • +21% registered users
  • +33% daily retention
  • +59% increase in user behaviors
Engine Yard
Integrated Badgeville and our support documentation into their Zendesk help desk
  • 20% reduction in tickets per customer on average
  • 40% improvement in response time by our agents for tickets filed
  • 40% increase in forum engagement and knowledge base searches
  • All leading to improved customer satisfaction
Seeking to become the premiere social shopping discovery platform, sneakpeeq leverages Facebook to bring the benefits of the in-store shopping experience to the online world, focused on allowing shoppers to explore products before "peeqing" and virtually flipping over the price tag. Shoppers have a limited number of peeqs, which often reveal significant discounts off items both from mainstream and indie designers. Shoppers can unlock badges for peeqing, sharing, loving, and engaging across the sneakpeeq stores. By engaging across the stores, shoppers also occasionally unlock badges with additional value, such as further discounts for use within a limited time.
Read more here.
  • an average 18 percent month-over-month growth in conversions
  • with a 3000 percent lift in the number of "buy" clicks
Read more here.
  • 70 percent month-over-month increase in "peeqs."
  • 935 percent increase in product "loves"
  • 590 percent increase in product shares
Read more here.
Property investment simulation
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • 56,600 visitors, 13,660 registrants and 34 home loan applications in the first six weeks.
  • project costs for InvestorVille were around 400,000 Australian Dollars
  • the game generated about 600 loans
The company offers mobile publishers a platform for adding game mechanics to their apps, including a rewards system called mPoints. The goal is to increase user engagement and retention.
  • 35 percent increase in retention rate
  • 25 percent lower bounce rate after integrating SessionM
  • users were 40 times more likely to perform in-app social activities, like sharing content and checking-in
Introduced gamification into the customer community. With the launch of the gamification module came a “leaderboard” on the home page that allowed users to see their rank in the community of 7000 users and who their nearest competition were. We also launched the concept of badges: little image icons that appear on a user’s profile page in the community as they complete a series of activities.
55% spike in average active users
Undiscovered Territory
Autodesk leverages The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to design a trial software experience for potential customers to experience the key benefits and differentiators of Autodesk's 3ds Max
External - Trial Marketing
  • +10% trial downloads
  • +40% trial usage
Marketo Rockstar Community
Marketo leverages The Behavior Platform by Badgeville to drive higher customer adoption and accelerate customers to maturity through greater engagement within their Marketo Community where customers and partners can connect with one another, leverage each other's expertise in technical matters as well as share best practices.
External - Customer Community & Onboarding
  • +71% Lift in Daily Activities
  • +48% Increase in Question Replies
  • +36% Increase in Ideas Submitted
  • +124% Increase in Idea Votes
  • +40% Increase in Idea Comments
The Peer Network
Haymarket leverages Badgeville's Behavior Platform to build a social loyalty program on top of, rewarding users for interacting with the site, uploading user-generated content, and socializing.
Haymarket Media Group
  • +18% Pages Viewed/Visit
  • +39% User Sign Ups
  • +43% Unique Visits
  • +53% Slideshows Viewed
  • +300% User Submitted Content
  • +400% Comments Q&A Community utilizes Badgeville Social Mechanics to drive greater user engagement through real-time notifications, social context streams, and following notifications.
  • +23% Answer a Question
  • +52% Comments
  • +58% Votes
  • Avg 12 social notifications/day, 6 viewed/day
  • 150k social notifications in first month
Bell Media leverages Badgeville's Behavior Platform to build a social loyalty program on top of, rewarding users for their participation and fostering more repeat visits. 
Bell Media
  • +23k signups
  • +21% increase in registered users
  • 33% Daily Returns
  • 325k behaviors in 1st month
  • +59% increase in behaviors week-to-week
  • 14+ behaviors/user
  • 120,000 achievements unlocked
US florist Teleflora gamifies its entire store using PowerReview's social loyalty scheme, offering points for actions including user reviews, comments, answering other customer queries and posting on Facebook.
There are additional points on offer if you are the first person to review a product or answer a question in the user Q&A section.
  • referral traffic from Facebook increased by 105%
  • there was a 10-fold increase in the number of pictures and videos being uploaded.
  • the conversion rate improved by 92%
Children’s retailer Step2 gamifies its store using PowerReview's social loyalty scheme. Points are allocated for uploading photos and videos, sharing to Facebook or writing a review. However Step2 awards 15 points for a Facebook share, while Teleflora gives you one point for the same action.
  • 135% increase in referral traffic from Facebook
  • 600% increase in the number of videos and images uploaded to the site
Moosejaw offered $10 gift cards starting at $1. Once the release launched, the price would increase rapidly from $1 to $5. 
Moosejaw sent teaser messages with a sneak preview of the upcoming deal, including three Facebook posts promoting the offer. Consumers could opt in to the deal, without knowing exactly when it would go live for purchase. They only knew that the faster they reacted, the better price they scored – creating mystery, intrigue and suspense, but also a captivated audience. Quikly also included a feature called Team Building, which allows participants to invite their friends. The more friends a player invites, the better the player’s chances are of scoring a great deal. All team members get the lowest price locked in by any other member of the team.
  • 76% of those who purchased the $10 Moosejaw gift card shared the details of their achievement on social media
  • the campaign created over 245,000 social media impressions for Moosejaw.
  • Within fifteen minutes of the deal being announced via text message and Facebook, Quikly and Moosejaw sold more than five hundred gift cards.
  • The $10 gift card led to an average basket size of $66 – nearly seven times the initial value.
  • almost a quarter of purchasers were brand new Moosejaw customers
  • of the new customers, 34% went on to make additional purchases within 90 days. The average basket size of those additional purchases was more than $150.
Pepsi Co.
SwipeStation is the in-venue solution for capturing, handling and redemption of campaigns. For consumers it provides instant on-site redemption.
  • response rate averaging at 1,500 scans per week (over a 14 week trial)
  • uplift in Sales of Pepsi by 20% over the pilot period
  • strike rate (sales vs cinema admissions) increased by 65%
  • in the same period in 2012 one of the campaign venues sold around 8,000 large Pepsi’s. With SwipeStation installed this year, the same venue sold just over 15,000 illustrating a 74% increase in sales
Air Canada
Air Canada’s Earn Your Wings program is a loyalty program
ROI of 560%
flybuys at Coles is an Australian loyalty program, with more than 60% household penetration.
click-through rates of more than 25% on its email campaigns
To increase user adoption of the loyalty program through the mobile app, Kendall Jackson partnered with Badgeville to gamify the app.
  • 65% increase in interaction with the loyalty program through the mobile app
  • 38% increase in downloads of the mobile app
  • 8,200 new registered users
  • 27,000 more actions from registered users
  • 1,500 more social sharing actions
  • 15,000 more Facebook impressions